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Chinese Newspaper: ‘The Interview’ Shows Hollywood’s "Senseless Cultural Arrogance"

Chinese Newspaper: ‘The Interview’ Shows Hollywood’s "Senseless Cultural Arrogance"

A state-run Chinese newspaper has slammed Sony’s North Korean-baiting comedy The Interview, which it pulled after a cyberattack, saying it was evidence of Hollywood’s “senseless cultural arrogance”.An editorial in the Global Times newspaper, part of the group that publishes the official Communist Party newspaper, the People’s Daily, said making a comedy about the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was “tasteless” and “nothing to be proud of.”Read more Sony Hit With Fourth and Fifth Class-Action Lawsuits Over Stolen Data (Exclusive)China is North Korea’s only significant ally. China supported the North during the Korean War (1950-53) and aid from Beijing has probably kept the North Korean economy going since it lost the support of the Soviet Union following its collapse in the early 1990s.However, relations have been strained since the North decided to go ahead with its nuclear weapons program against China’s wishes.The editorial ran as North Korea said accusations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it was involved in a cyberattack on Sony Pictures were “groundless slander” and that it was wanted a joint probe into the incident with the US.”Any civilized world will oppose hacker attacks or terror threats. But a movie like The Interview, which makes fun of the leader of an enemy of the U.S., is nothing to be proud of for Hollywood and U.S. society,” ran the commentary.”No matter how the U.S. society looks at North Korea and Kim Jong Un, Kim is still the leader of the country. The vicious mocking of Kim is only a result of senseless cultural arrogance,” it said.There have been murmurs that China may have been involved in the hack, possibly with the hackers hiding behind Chinese servers. Beijing has denied any involvement.The op-ed asked why the movie did not make the leaders of countries such as Saudi Arabia or Thailand, Indonesia or Singapore into assassination targets in movies.”The protests would be exceptionally strong, and the entertainment companies in the U.S. might also end up in big troubles,” it said.The op-ed said that China was getting an easy ride from Hollywood these days since it became the second largest film market in the world and the U.S. started to aggressively woo the booming market.”China used to be also portrayed in a negative light occasionally. Now that the Chinese market has become a gold mine for U.S. movies, Hollywood has begun to show an increasingly friendly face, just in order to attract more Chinese viewers,” it said.U.S. society should “show some good manners instead of being too aggressive” and American elites “should not just speak like gentlemen, but behave like them”.The commentary said that China should stick to its principles when dealing with Hollywood and not worry about complaints about using its economic power to stifle freedom of creativity.”Apparently, it is easier to show them the economic consequences than trying to reason with them,” it said.

Jennifer Lopez Rocks Insane Cleavage on the Red Carpet in Plunging Nude Jumpsuit

Jennifer Lopez Rocks Insane Cleavage on the Red Carpet in Plunging Nude Jumpsuit

Jennifer Lopez and Mindy Kaling attended the People Magazine Awards in Beverly Hills on Dec. 18, and both ladies rocked a serious amount of cleavage; see the ladies’ daring looksThis article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Jennifer Lopez Rocks Insane Cleavage on the Red Carpet in Plunging Nude Jumpsuit

Miss World Pageant Bans Swimsuit Portion of Competition: How Are People Reacting?

Miss World Pageant Bans Swimsuit Portion of Competition: How Are People Reacting?

The Miss World pageant has banned the swimsuit portion of the competition — get the details and see how people are reacting!This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Miss World Pageant Bans Swimsuit Portion of Competition: How Are People Reacting?

Ben McKenzie Admits to Using Handcuffs in Bed With a Woman, Talks Dating Regrets

Ben McKenzie Admits to Using Handcuffs in Bed With a Woman, Talks Dating Regrets

Ben McKenzie opened up to Elle about his thoughts on sex and relationships, including his biggest dating regret and his adventurous side in bedThis article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Ben McKenzie Admits to Using Handcuffs in Bed With a Woman, Talks Dating Regrets

Aww! Watch Neil Patrick Harris’s Twins Sing ‘Jingle Bells’

Aww! Watch Neil Patrick Harris’s Twins Sing ‘Jingle Bells’

Christmas carolers have hit an all-time level of cute!

On Wednesday, proud dad Neil Patrick Harris shared a video of his 4-year-old twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, showing off their super cute vocals during an adorable rendition of “Jingle Bells.”

“Yay! David is back home and the family [is] all together! Time to trim us a tree,” the actor captioned the clip on Instagram.

Dressed in festive seasonal sleepwear — a red striped set and a matching headband for Harper and Frozen-themed pajamas for Gideon — the tow-headed tots were in the middle of happily hanging ornaments on their colorful tree when they stopped to sing.

Courtesy Neil Patrick Harris

Harris, who tied the knot with David Burtka during a September ceremony in Italy, was recently named one of 2014’s 10 Most Fascinating People by Barbara Walters.

“I’m a bit of the stern disciplinarian. My voice gets real intense,” he says of his parenting approach.

Harris adds that he and Burtka do not know which child is biologically theirs — and have “no interest” in finding out. “It’s so funny. I see myself in each of them at different times,” he shares.

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Critic’s Notebook: Hollywood, Obama and the Boxing In of Black Achievers

Critic’s Notebook: Hollywood, Obama and the Boxing In of Black Achievers

I wonder what President Obama thinks of Selma. Or Top Five. I wonder if he and the First Lady cuddled up after the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to watch Beyond the Lights. Or if he screened Dear White People for his daughters, as a preview of their impending college years.Those films weren’t mentioned in the leak of a private email exchange between Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal and mega-producer Scott Rudin, which revealed the pair’s racialized mocking of the president and last year’s major black films.But they might have if they had been released in time.Coincidentally, Rudin produced Top Five, Chris Rock’s talky, referential, hip and self-consciously funny new film. In addition to writing and directing it, Rock stars as Andre Allen, a stand-up-comic-turned-Hollywood-star made popular by the “Hammy the Bear” blockbusters. Eager to leave the Hammy series behind him, he’s written, directed and starred in Uprize, a biopic of Dutty Boukman, a leader of the Haitian Revolution. As he tells Charlie Rose in one scene, he now wants to make “uplifting, thought-provoking movies.”Read More ‘Top Five': Toronto ReviewIn order to promote the film, Andre agrees to be profiled by New York Times reporter Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson). As in Nora Ephron’s walk-and-talkies, the couple traverses the big city, shooting the shit and connecting over their shared past as recovering alcoholics. But while Top Five is New York-centric, Hollywood is never far from anyone’s mind, and what keeps the film from being a typical rom-com is Rock’s perspective on the spectacle of African-American celebrity. The black male star, in Top Five, is often hemmed in by an industry that won’t allow him to reach his potential or explore different facets of his artistic identity.Indeed, the white people Andre encounters while promoting his film seem intent to put him in a box and keep him there. In one scene, a white radio deejay asks Andre to sound more “stank” while recording bumper ads. In another, a montage of white critics crow that Andre isn’t right for drama and is a better comedic actor.Read More Chris Rock Pens Blistering Essay on Hollywood’s Race Problem: ‘It’s a White Industry’If nothing else, the Pascal-Rudin email exchange came as a stark reminder that the boxing-in of back male achievers has no limits. The two producers may have been joking, but apparently even being a two-term president with far-reaching and well-documented intellectual interests and accomplishments was not enough for them to imagine President Obama’s film tastes encompassing more than black-themed movies. Indeed, the president, like Andre, is continuously compartmentalized by onlookers: “(too) black” for some and “not black enough” for others, just as Andre vacillates restlessly between so-called low-brow (Hammy) and high-brow (Uprize) art.Ava DuVernay’s beautifully shot and brilliantly acted Selma, which captures the weeks leading up to and during the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights marches, echoes current events on a larger scale. In one scene, we see an Alabama State Trooper murdering Jimmie Lee Jackson (Keith Stanfield) the same evening as a night march to the county registrar. Earlier in the film, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (a radiant David Oyelowo) tells President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) that none of the people who murder black Americans have ever been convicted, because they are protected by the state. The film is the rare period piece to find connective tissue between the horrific past and the equally unnerving present.Read More ‘Selma': AFI ReviewSelma isn’t just timely in its depiction of police violence against black men and subsequent protests, a cycle that continues to make front-page news in 2014. The generational and philosophical divisions between the Civil Rights Movement’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the upstart Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), as portrayed in Duvernay’s film, also have a surprising contemporary analogue. Though centralized black leadership today is almost non-existent, instead dispersed among a younger generation empowered by Twitter-driven activism, Pascal responded to the email imbroglio by reaching out to old-guard black leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. In the age of new media, when Pascal could’ve apologized to President Obama himself, and to black America at large via op-ed or vlog, her decision to follow obsolete protocol further suggested the chasm between Hollywood as it sees itself (a progressive oasis) and Hollywood as it is (an out-of-touch white industry, as Chris Rock himself describes in his recent essay for The Hollywood Reporter).Perhaps most disturbingly, the leaked correspondence between Pascal and Rudin reveals Hollywood power players’ blatant disregard for black cinema. Coming from people who develop and greenlight movies, their snarky, sarcastic name-checking of recent black films speaks to the continued ghettoization of and discomfort with these movies within the major studio system, despite the popularity and Oscar success of a project like 12 Years a Slave. In a white-dominated industry that seems to prefer its African-American-driven films to reflect archetypes of either black nobility (as in 12 Years) or black dysfunction (Precious) — or to feature black men in dresses a la Tyler Perry’s Madea movies — one wonders what Rudin, Pascal and their colleagues truly make of Top Five and Selma, prickly, provocative, layered films that resist such easy dichotomy.Do they find Top Five simply hilarious, or do they grasp the underlying critique of Hollywood? Do they think of Selma, for all its sharp attention to political strategy and its immersive and harrowing sequences of violence, as just another uplifting educational-social-issue drama? Will DuVernay end up being lumped in with Rock, as disparate as they are, just as Rudin and Pascal lumped Lee Daniels’ The Butler in with Think Like a Man? Given the way things are going with these leaks, we may soon find out.

Bill Cosby protesters plan to disrupt Hamilton show

Bill Cosby protesters plan to disrupt Hamilton show

A Hamilton writer is recruiting people to buy tickets to comedian Bill Cosby’s upcoming performance in the city so they can disrupt the show inside the theatre.Anne Bokma said “the numbers are growing every day” of people planning to join her for a non-violent protest during Cosby’s Jan. 9 show at Hamilton Place Theatre.
‘I’m not a gutsy lady. I want this show cancelled. I’ll do what I have to do, but I want it cancelled.’- Anne Bokma, Hamilton writer
Bokma said she’s been contacted through her website by both people who want to join her by buying $90 tickets, and people who have tickets to the show who don’t want to go anymore and are unable to get refunds. They’re giving Bokma their tickets so she can distribute them to people prepared to be part of the protest.”There will be an interruption,” she said. “Exactly what we’re doing and how many people, I can’t tip my hand.”Bokma’s plan will be in addition to a planned protest outside the show.Women’s group calls on promoter to cancel Bill Cosby’s Hamilton show
Bill Cosby’s Hamilton show still on amid sex assault allegations
Bill Cosby Kitchener show alternative offered by volunteers
Her plans are contingent on the show going ahead, which she hopes doesn’t happen. Bokma called Scott Warren, the general manager of Hamilton Place, first to ask him to cancel the show, and then to alert him of her plans.She said she’s never organized something like this before. “I’m a middle-aged mom,” she said.”I’m not a gutsy lady. I want this show cancelled,” she said. “I’ll do what I have to do but I want it cancelled.”At least 15 women have publicly accused Cosby of sexual abuse. The allegations have not been proven in court. Through his lawyer, Cosby has said he will not dignify “decade-old, discredited” claims of sexual abuse with a response.The show’s promoters have indicated the show will go ahead as scheduled. Warren has said cancelling would constitute a breach of contract and expose the venue to liability.He said he couldn’t address security arrangements for the event.”We routinely have security and police at our events,” he said. “Should any disruption occur at any of our events, those responsible are removed from the venue. Our guests’ experience is very important to us and we always do whatever we can to ensure they receive the best possible experience.”A protest where Cosby would see itThe inside protest plan comes as an outside protest and denouncement is being organized by the Hamilton Woman Abuse Working Group.Bokma said she supports the protest outside, but wanted her action to be somewhere Cosby would see it. Buying a $90 ticket did give her pause, she said.”It was necessary to buy a ticket to get access to Cosby,” she said. “It’s akin to somebody buying shares in a company” to make a change, she said.Promoters of some of the 77-year-old’s other shows on the tour postponed performances “indefinitely.” Others have been cancelled outright.In a statement released to The Associated Press and posted online, lawyer John P. Schmitt said the fact that the allegations against Cosby are being repeated “does not make them true.”

Nick Lachey: Why I’ll Have a ‘Different Kind of Love’ for My Daughter

Nick Lachey: Why I’ll Have a ‘Different Kind of Love’ for My Daughter


Nick Lachey is tossing aside the balls and making room for the dolls!

As the singer-songwriter prepares to welcome a new baby girl with wife, actress Vanessa Lachey, 34, he is making sure to squeeze in as much boy-on-boy time as possible with the couple’s 2-year-old son, Camden John.

“I love to wrestle with my son — that’s our thing,” Lachey tells PEOPLE. “We wrestle and tickle and just roughhouse.”

While Lachey, 41, isn’t exactly sure of what to expect once his daughter makes her big debut — Vanessa is due right after the holidays — there is one thing he is having a hard time wrapping his head around.

“I can’t imagine loving a child more than I love my son, so I guess it’s just gonna be a different kind of love,” says The Sing-Off host.

 “I think that there’s something special about that bond between father and daughter, which I’m excited to experience first-hand.”

Luckily, for the Lacheys, Vanessa’s pregnancy has been very smooth — and an experience that she truly enjoys.

“We both look forward to meeting our daughter,” says Lachey, as he and Vanessa anticipate the arrival of their new bundle of love. “[It’s] just at that point now where you’re ready to meet this little life you’ve watched grow for the last eight months.”

And Camden’s thoughts about being a big brother?

“I don’t know if he completely grasps the concept of a little sister, but he’ll kiss her belly and say goodnight to [his] little sister,” says Lachey.

The family plans to celebrate this holiday season comfortably at home, but an expected gift could make their season even merrier.

“We’re expecting a little girl pretty much at any time now,” says Lachey. “We’re celebrating, but we’re celebrating with one eye on the contraction clock, if you will.”

He adds, “We’re ready to hit the hospital if we have to, but it adds a special dynamic to this holiday season knowing we’re getting the best gift of all in a daughter, at some point.”

– Nicole Sands

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Taylor Swift Screams, Pulls Her Hair on Hollywood Reporter Cover, Says Spotify Decision Caused Other Artists to Thank Her

Taylor Swift Screams, Pulls Her Hair on Hollywood Reporter Cover, Says Spotify Decision Caused Other Artists to Thank Her

Taylor Swift was photographed for The Hollywood Reporter’s “Rule Breakers 2014″ cover screaming and pulling her hair in a beautiful gown — see the picture, plus read her thoughts on Spotify and releasing her fifth album!This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Taylor Swift Screams, Pulls Her Hair on Hollywood Reporter Cover, Says Spotify Decision Caused Other Artists to Thank Her

Drew Barrymore: Bouncing Back After Baby Is ‘Not My Experience’

Drew Barrymore: Bouncing Back After Baby Is ‘Not My Experience’

Joe Scarnici/WireImage

Family comes first for Drew Barrymore.

“It’s amazing. It’s the driving force behind how I live my life,” Barrymore told PEOPLE at the Refinery29 L.A. Holiday Party on Dec. 10.

Barrymore, 39, and husband Will Kopelman welcomed daughter Frankie in April. The couple’s baby girl joined older sister Olive, 2.

And with her two little ones at home, Barrymore says she’s had to prioritize her many hats.

“The acting has to be less and less because it’s too time-consuming. I love it and I don’t want to abandon it, but it can’t be at the forefront right now,” the actress explains, adding she loves her cosmetics line, Flower Beauty, “because it allows [her] to be a great mom.”

But even though she’s focusing on her growing family, Barrymore admits dividing her attention between her girls has its own set of challenges.

“It’s a balance of who gets the attention, and it’s a tightrope,” she shares. “But it’s also a wonderful, amazing journey to raise two kids that love each other.”

And with so much going on, the proud mom is just starting to focus on shedding her pregnancy pounds.

“It took nine months to build. It should take nine months to get off,” she explains. “I wanted fettuccini alfredo. I didn’t want a barbell.”

Barrymore adds, “I was like, ‘Don’t talk to me about how fast and fabulous you are or it came off. That was not my experience. I’m having to work my ass off until I even think about getting it off.”

For more on Drew Barrymore’s body after baby pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.

– Mariah Haas

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